Software designed to manage data protection in schools.

Welcome to DPOCOMS

DPOCOMS (Data Protection Officer's Compliance Online Management System) has been designed by a lawyer and school's data protection expert to offer a software solution to help manage all data protection matters for your school or academy trust.

DPOCOMS is a secure portal allowing you to log and track all data protection matters in one place. It offers a secure communication channel between you and your DPO and provides a central HUB for your data protection policies, processes, training and resources. 

DPOCOMS is designed to ensure that you comply with your data protection obligations without making this an onerous job that distracts from your day to day workload. We want to take away the stress of managing your data protection compliance and allow you to focus on the education of your pupils.

DPOCOMS allows you to liaise securely with your DPO and receive the advice and assistance you need, whilst keeping a record of the key information required for audit purposes. 

Please see our key features below or contact us for further information.

How it works

Logging a request

Log a request for support from your Data Protection Officer. Whether you have received a subject access request, encountered a data breach or you require advice and assistance with a Data Protection Impact Assessment, you can log a request directly with your DPO via DPOCOMS.

Log a subject access request

Log your subject access request or Freedom of Information request and upload personal information securely using DPOCOMS. Your DPO will be able to review and redact these records as well as provide advice regarding how to process and respond to the request. DPOCOMS will keep a record of key information for your audit trail. 

Log a data breach

Log a data breach with your DPO and create an audit trail. Securely share details of the breach and receive advice regarding the required action. 

Log a DPIA request

Receive advice to identify if a DPIA is required and assistance with completing one.

Third party compliance database

Search our database of educational third parties and collate the compliance information for your audit records. 

Self-audit tool

Use the DPOCOMS self-audit tool to evaluate your compliance level and create your own tailored action plan.

Hub of resources

All of your Data Protection resources in one place, including: training, useful templates, policies, guidance and much more!


Experts in data protection in schools

We specialise in data protection compliance within schools and multi-academy trusts.

Platform for all data protection matters

SAR reports, breach records, audits, resources and all data protection matters in one place. 

Log all Subject Access Requests

Directly with your DPO as soon as the request is made and receive advice on how to respond.

Individual staff login

Everyone can play their part in ensuring your school or MAT is compliant. 

Hub of resources

Including policies, processes, templates and training videos. 

Log all data breaches

Report a breach to your DPO easily and efficiently whilst ensuring that a central log is retained of all data breaches.

A communication portal between the school and their DPO

Can be used with our DPO service, an external DPO service, or your own internal DPO.

Securely upload personal information

For advice on what can and cannot be disclosed as part of a SAR or FOI request.

A self-audit tool

To track and monitor internal data protection compliance and create a tailored action plan.

Secure system

Fully secure system compliant with GDPR.

Advice and assistance with Data Protection Impact Assessments

Each time you change the way you process personal data or adopt a new software platform or system.

Database of third party compliance

Search and track the compliance of the third parties you use. 


Included Software ++

Software plus DPO service. Our most comprehensive package available.

Software +

Software plus resource hub. Use with the school's own internal DPO.


Software only.

£550 p/a up to 150 pupils
£750 p/a up to 500 pupils
£950 p/a unlimited pupils
£400 p/a up to 150 pupils
£600 p/a up to 500 pupils
£800 p/a unlimited pupils
£325 p/a up to 150 pupils
£525 p/a up to 500 pupils
£725 p/a unlimited pupils

Resource Hub


DP Advice Service



Data Protection Officer



*discounts for additional schools for MATS / federations.